Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a concept!

Today I had the privilege of doing the memorial service for Paul Johnstone, a wonderful man who was the second principal of our school, Cornerstone. Paul came to us as a teacher, and left as a Principal to serve in numerous schools around the world. He left this world much sooner than any of us were ready for (62 years of age). What a lot of life he packed into those 62 years!

In talking with Joanne and his girls, among the many wonderful things they said about Paul, one thing really stood out. They said he was always "current" in his relationships, having no regrets or unfinished business in any of them. Indeed, moments before he died of a blood clot that went to his heart, he had sent Joanne a message at school telling her he "loved her endlessly," and loved his girls madly as well. Interestingly enough, he just "happened" to visit all his girls in February, being home for a short time from his school in Eritrea, Africa. Wasn't God good? In man ways that would have made little difference, because he made sure to communicate his fondness continually.

What a concept! Current in all his relationships. Wow, is that ever something to ponder. It made me stop and consider myself just how "current" I am, "caught up" in communicating my love for my loved ones, making sure there's no significant unfinished relational business. How about you? Are you current, caught up?

One more time I'm impressed by the brevity of life. Though we don't know what tomorrow holds, we know who holds tomorrow, and that brings us comfort and peace. But how much more we could have if we were to make certain our relationships with those we love were "current."

God bringing anyone to your heart?



Monday, April 13, 2009

A new season...

There's something about Spring that always brings a sense of joy and refreshment, at least to those of us in the Pacific Northwest. The beauty of the trees and flowers is awesome, like these in our backyard. But we also have the sense that we are entering into a new, fresh season.

This last week we came through another celebration of Easter. One more time it was remarkable. At least for us in our church, it was so very uplifting, positive, and refreshing. You couldn't help but leave with the feeling that something great was just around the corner.

We are so blessed at our church with so many people who want to be a part of what God is doing. As day by day goes by, we see that more and more. The hundreds who turned out Saturday to spruce up the grounds was in and of itself nothing short of phenomenal. And we won't have time to catch our breath. All sorts of exciting, new things are ready to roll out. God is good!

Have you thought about what new and fresh things you might do in your life in the Spring and Summer just ahead of us? Have you considered an area of ministry God might have for you, perhaps one you've never gotten around to before? If not now, when?

May you be blessed as you enjoy the life God has for you!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring has sprung!

It's about time. Finally Spring is here. Now all I have to do to enjoy it is put up my umbrella and go outside!

Actually, as I write this, the forecast is for a stunning next 3 days: 70-75 everyday. That is my kind of weather! I got my mason bee house out so they can begin doing their thing, the roses have already been pruned so they are ramping up for the season, and my sweet peas have not only emerged, but are beginning their ascent to beauty. It's going to be a fantastic Spring.

One of the things that hits me each year at this time is how God rejoices in making all things "new," better than they ever were before. What we could never accomplish on our own, he does for us in new ways every day.

One morning this last week as Betty and I were praying, we thanked the Lord in advance for the fresh, new things he would do in our church in this new season. Hardly had I finished that prayer and arrived at work, but I found myself in a staff meeting experiencing a response to that prayer. All sorts of wonderful new things were on the horizon, truly turning a new page in the life of our church. That is so very God!

Remembering that God delights in doing all things "new," are you looking for God to do fresh things in your life in the months ahead? My prayer is that you move into a great season of God's life and love!